Government Partnership Programs

While OHMI is an approved provider for SOARCE and other programs, we do not have a contract with them. The contract is between the parents and the School District. If you have questions about the program, it is best to contact SOARCE, Centerline, etc. directly for accurate answers. If you have billing questions related to a GPP, you can contact our Treasurer at GPP students are NOT eligible for private pay discounts for multi-student or multi-class options.

One frequently asked question is “Why do I have to pay the $50 deposit/child fee when I register if the GPP is paying for my classes?” Once you register, we dedicate resources to classroom space, staff, and purchase music for your child that cannot be returned.  Paying the deposit indicates you are committed to enrolling your child while we commit resources to teach your child. You may also have to pay your portion of the tuition, or other fees for things such as concert attire, early in the semester.  We receive the government funding late each semester.  If payment of this initial deposit results in a credit balance at the end of the semester, we will refund the credit to you. Upon registration, we will provide you an expected cost for your family based on our information.

Here are syllabi for OHMI classes for you to submit with your paperwork.

EMC: EMC Syllabus 2015

Young Strings: Young Strings syllabus

Beginning Orchestra: Syllabus Beginning Orchestra

Intermediate Orchestra: Intermediate Orchestra Syllabus

Philharmonic Orchestra: Syllabus Philharmonic Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra: OHMI Sym Syllabus 2015

Elementary Chorus: EC Syllabus

MS Chorus: MS Syllabus.pages

Concert Choir: Concert Choir syllabus.pages

Advanced Choir: AC syllabus.pages

Guitar 1 : G1 Syllabus

Guitar 2/3: G 2 – 3 Syllabus

Beginning Band: Beginning Band syllabus

Intermediate Band: IB Syllabus

Concert Band: Concert Band syllabus

Wind Symphony: WindSymphonySyllabus2015-2016.pages